About Us

Board Members

Krista Rickman – President
Jennifer Allen
Arnette Garris
Jeff Lempke
Emily Meyer
Janice Smith
Alfred Stark – Treasurer
Steve Thompson
Suzie Znamenacek


Organizational Goals

1) PANA shall work to keep the neighborhood vibrant and clean.

2) PANA will build positive relationships with the Rousseau Elementary School, Cathedral of the Risen Christ, Grace Chapel PCA, South Gate United Methodist Church, and various businesses located near 33rd and Pioneers Blvd.

3) PANA will host opportunities for community events no less than quarterly, including already established events such as the Cookie Party and the Block Party.

4) PANA will also sponsor activities such as an annual neighborhood garage sale, holiday lights competition and service opportunities for neighborhood youth to assist residents of the community whom may struggle with leaves and lawn care due to age or infirmity.

Organizational Structure

1) PANA shall be represented by one (1) President, one (1) Treasurer and four (4) Board Members . These individuals shall be elected by the PANA residents annually, or as the need arises. The President shall not serve more than two one -year terms consecutively and the board shall not serve more than three consecutive one-year terms. Board elections should be staggered to ensure experience among members.

2) PANA shall also rely on the creation of Committees as necessary to coordinate events, communication, the welcome of new residents and special projects.

3) No annual dues will be assessed. Tax-deductible donations will be accepted to the Prescott Area Neighborhood Association account held at Union Bank and Trust. These funds will be allocated by a majority vote of the Board and President for the purposes of funding neighborhood events. All expenditures must be recorded and records kept for the purposes of accountability and transparency.

4) The intent of this structure is to encourage many residents to engage actively in the well-being of the community as their time and interest might permit.

5) At no time, now or in the future, shall PANA institute or enforce neighborhood ordinances outside of those ordinances enforced by the City of Lincoln. PANA must respect the right of property owners to maintain their residential property in a reasonable way, without interference from the Association. PANA is a non-legally binding organization.